How lucky we are to have Dr Cernasov and Dr Cheung meet our dental needs. Professionalism, compassion, and excellent care are provided by both doctors, meeting the highest expectations! A dental visit is no longer met with trepidation- The precision, confidence, and compassion are evident in all areas of their dental care. Thank you for such great experiences each and every time we come!
Rosanne H

What a seamless, perfect first impression! Reception is brightly lit, clean, and the receptionist is warm and knowledgeable. All of the standard forms are there, and the practice takes a pretty impressive variety of dental insurance plans. The X ray gear is some of the nicest I've seen, although fair warning the mouth bit isn't the most comfortable (just the nature of getting dental images, though). My hygienist, Joan, took excellent care to make me comfortable, adjusting and taking breaks as necessary while getting X rays, making polite conversation, and going over my dental needs (wisdom teeth were my big priority today) with a perfect balance of listening and then sharing what information would prepare me to talk with Dr. Cheung. Joan's cleaning was thorough but comfortable. The water pressure on the picks was almost laser-fine, which meant we were done sooner and with less feeling and splashing. Such a difference when a practice has the top of the line equipment! Joan let me know that they have a new fluoride treatment (not the foam with the mouth trays I got used to in my twenties) but that it's usually not covered by insurance; still, $40 for a fluoride treatment out of pocket was worth the investment to me, especially because I'm prone to cavities. I appreciated Joan being so up front about the cost and the benefits, and I know I made the right decision to get the treatment. Dr. Cheung gave a great consultation, very warm and reassuring, knowledgeable but approachable. He went over my X rays in depth and recommended a prompt referral to an oral surgeon he highly recommends in Poughkeepsie. He talked about the importance of flossing but not in a preachy way, but rather in the context of showing how it could help and talking about strategies to find time to floss once a day. Checkout was a breeze thanks to the awesome receptionist, and I left feeling confident about my teeth and the care I am in. Thanks to Pat Holden of The Red Hook Inn for recommending this great local business. Thanks, Premiere Dental!
Molly Starkweather- review left on google.com

Allow me first to say, I have never left a review online for anything, be it a service or a product. However, after going to this dental office I felt inspired for the first time. Premier is just as the name describes. It's nonpareil to any other dentist office I've ever been to.

As you enter, you walk into an impeccably clean and cozy environment. The staff is fantastic! You're greeted by friendly and attentive receptionists. Then met by a hygienist or assistant whose friendliness is just as outstanding as their skill and dedication to your dental experience.

Dr. Alexandra Cernasov is a dental magician, I don't know how else to word it. She is friendly, fast, and remarkable at what she does. I have never had a more relaxing, stress free, and non anxious dental experience. If your looking for the best of the best for dental care in Dutchess County, look no further than Premiere Dental.
Steven Marotta- review left on google.com

Premiere Dental is the place to go for all of your dental needs. Dr Cheung and Dr Cernasov are outstanding. They are very kind and gentle, and so good at what they do whether it is a basic cleaning or extensive dental treatment. I highly recommend Premiere Dental for all of your dental needs!
Michelle Tovcimak & family

My husband and I have been coming to Premiere Dental Care for over five years. We have found that both doctors and staff are caring, gentle, and concerned about our dental health. We would highly recommend them to family and friends.
Judith and Dennis Doyle

I am terrified of going to the dentist because I have such pain and sensitivity. Everyone at Premiere Dental was warm and welcoming and went out of their way to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Cernasov was able to save three of my teeth that another dentist said I needed to have pulled! The teeth were saved with minimal discomfort. I will continue to go back so she can complete everything I need to have a healthy mouth and to save my teeth. Dr. Cernasov and her assistant are sweet, competent, and wonderful. I will never go anywhere else. I am so grateful to have found them!
Linda A Fighera

Premiere Dental has such wonderful staff and they are very accommodating with excellent customer service. My bi-annual cleaning was a breeze because my hygienist was thorough and gentle. Dr. Cheung and Dr. Cernasov are very professional and attentive. They were very in-tune with both of my sons' anxiety and they were able to meet their needs and diffuse their nervousness. Now, they can't wait to clean the "bugs" in their teeth at home. Premiere Dental definitely has me hooked.
Lynn Lee

Courteous, professional, and warm atmosphere. Beautiful dental work done pain free. Dr. Cheung always takes the time to explain each procedure, and answer any questions I may have to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend Premiere Dental Care!
Gail Bernas

I travel over one hour to see Dr. Cernasov. She's very gentle, professional, and sincere, and my appointments are always virtually painless. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else!

I hated my crooked teeth for a very long time, and based on the information read online, never thought I would qualify for veneers. A brief comment during one of my regular dental cleanings has resulted in a smile I did not think was possible. Dr. Cheung explained every step of the veneer procedure in a consultaion, and again as the work was being completed. The process was so easy and pain free that I wish I had transformed my smile years ago. Dr. Cheung, Dr. Cernasov, and every member of the Premiere Dental team are extremely kind, caring, and patient.

For the best dental treatment from crowns to cleanings, I highly recommend Premiere Dental Care.
Kenneth S Herman

Best dentist around -Great for Kids and Adults. Dr. Cheung is gentle, wonderful and very porfessional. My daughter, 10 years old , was terrified of having a cavity filled. He administered a numbing solution on a q-tip then gave her the novacaine without a single problem. She actually fell asleep in the chair while he was filling her cavity. She was so thrilled that she bragged to all her friends what a great dentist he is. We had to return two weeks later for another filling and she was eagar to go! I have recommended him to many people and they all loved him and his staff.

I don't know how many people look forward to going to the dentist, but my experience was exemplary. I was greeted with a smile, treated kindly- Cathy went out of her way to make me comfortable, and Dr. Cernasov was very compassionate and efficient. I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend this dental practice. Most sincerely,

I am more than pleased and happy to have Drs Cernasov & Cheung as my dentists. They are professional and caring. I must say there is no pain involved in any of the procedures and that is a big plus for me. They take the time to answer any questions you may have. I find their charges are fair and affordable.
Carolyn Harkins

Very warm, friendly, and competent! I'm a regular!

I just finished my yearly visit to the dentist. If you're anything like me, this is a dreaded task. However, the staff at Premiere Dental make it so much easier to do! Everyone there, from the dentists, hygienists, and office staff are top notch and couldn't be nicer. I hope that all the staff continue there for many years to come. Thanks again to all of you!
Victoria Barros

I started seeing Dr Cernasov last year. As a child I had a terrible experience with a dentist, and as a result was always scared of dentists. Coming here has been great! She is so gentle and understanding with me- I could not believe I did it! Now, I come back gladly, never believing I would. All I can say is if you ever need a dentist, go see Dr. Cernasov!
Helen Perkins